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Fan Rooter Supplies

We are able to provide your booster group or school with many different types of items that are great for your fans and supporters. We have presented juts a few of the most popular below. Give us a call for your needs today ! Our phone number is 800 960-9080 or 206 285-5359 (Seattle) or email us at or and we will send you a free rooter catalog.

Bottle Jerseys

New for 2002 the Bottle Jersey is available in a football, basketball or baseball jersey and fits right over your soda, water or other favorite beverage to keep it cold. They fit 12 oz. to 20 oz. bottles and fold flat. There is so much imprint area that you can put the names and numbers of the football team on one side and your school or team logo on the other side. They are available in 21 different colors that include; Kelly Green, Navy, Black, Grey, White, Khaki, Magenta, Forest Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Lime Green, Bright Orange, Royal, Neon Pink, Burgundy, Teal, Burnt Orange, Neon Blue, Camo Green and Tan Camo. It measures 6" high X 4" wide. Minimum imprintable quantity is only 250 and it can be screened printed or puff printed.

Thunderstix Noisemakers and Wave Stix

The Thunderstix measure 4" X 24" and provide a large imprint area. The Hockey stick measure 4 1/4" X 17" handle and a 8" blade. Available in 9 colors of; Navy Blue, Yellow, Royal Blue, Silver, Athletic Gold, Green, Red, Purple and Orange. Minimum imprintable quantity is only 125.

Snack Helmet

The Snack Helmet measures 10" high X 9 1/4" wide X 12" deep and is molded in PVC plastic and includes a plastic bucket in the center and a tray insert in the face mask. The imprint area provides three different decal sizes of 3 1/2" round, 5" wide X 2" high rectangle or a 4" wide X 3"high rectangle. Optional stripes are also available for the helmet. The Helmet is available in 14 colors including; White, Cardinal Red, Royal, Black, Green, Yellow, Orange, Navy, Teal, Gold, Purple, Silver, Maroon and Red. Minimum quantity is only 36. Also available as a Race Car Helmet.

Pep Phones

These popular pep phones are available in either a 7" or 8" size. They are available with a pop- off coupon that holds in popcorn, peanuts or candy. The tokens can be imprinted and used to bring in valuable business with their redeemable message. And of course the pep phone can be imprinted also. They ae available in colors of white, red, blue, bright gold, green, orange, purple, maroon and black. Minimum imprintable quantity is 200.

Number One Hands

We have several sizes of the Number One Hands with the most popular size being the 18" X 24". These are available in colors of blue, navy, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, teal, brown, maroon and charcoal. White and light gray are available but are not recommended as they discolor quickly. Minimum quantity with your imprint is 100.

Mascot Cheerleaders

We have cheerleader mascots bears or other plus animals for your school, college, team or club imprint. Pictured below are two cheerleaders that are sure to be a great morale booster and/or fund raiser for your group ! Please contact us with your needs as we have many types of plush items that adapt quite well to become a mascot.

Seat Cushions

We have many seat cushions available for your custom imprint. They come in various sports shapes, colors, thickness and sizes. Give us a call for more information. Minimum imprintable quantity is 100. Pictured below are two of our Economy Cushions that measure 12" X 12" X 1" thickness. They are available in colors of dark green, orange, royal blue, yellow, white and red. They are electronically sealed and provide you with a 10" X 10" imprint area.

Pom Pons

Pom Pons are available with one color or two color streamers. Either a 500 strand or 1000 strand streamer pom pon are the most popular size. A quantity of 100 is the usual minimum. The plastic handle or the plastic tab can have your custom imprint. Pictured below are pom pons with the imprintable tab .For more information on Pom Pons please visit


Over the years buttons continue to be the #1 most requested imprintable item for schools and their various sports teams. We have many sizes and shapes available and the minimum imprintable quantity is only 50.


Pennants are available in sizes of 5" X 12", 8" X 18", 9" X 24" and 12" X 30". The available felt colors are white, black, navy, purple, light blue, royal blue, green, maroon, red, orange and gold. Minimum quantity is only 75.

Sport Schedules & Cards

We have many pre-made sport schedules that include MLB Baseball, NFL Football, NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey, College Football and College Basketball. These are inexpensive giveaways that allow one to either attach their business card to the bottom of the schedule (minimim quantity is only 100) or to have a custom imprint at the bottom of the schedule (minimum imprintable quantity is 500).

Sports Decorations

Here are some great decorations for your consideration for that awards banquet or other activity where you want to really decorate in the right way for that very special party. On the left side of the picture are stock pennant cutouts that measure 24" and on the right are various sports cutouts that all measure about 20".


Here is a lightweight portable chair that's ideal for the stadium, boat, beach or outdoor concert. It's made of strong, durable nylon with an adjustable padded seat cushion and back rest. It comes with a red plaid, 50" X 60", 100% acryllic machine washable/dryable sports blanket. Zips together in seconds, carries easy with strap. Minimum quantity is six.

Gold Plated Key Tag or Award

This gold plated Key Tag also is available without the key ring attachment and can be used as an award. It's great for honoring cheerleaders for all the hard work that they do throughout the year.