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Presented below are just a few of the more unique imprintable computer related products and ideas. Have a special need for a computer imprintable then please give us a call and we will see what we can do for you. Need a catalog on a specific item give us a call at 800 960-9080 or 206 285-5359 (Seattle) or email your request to or

Screen Sweep

Millions of computer monitor and laptop screens have been waiting for a good cleaning with the Screen Sweep monitor clewner. Its soft cleaning felt edge gently removes unwanted dust from any electronic or glass screen, including TVs and picture frames. Each Screen Sweep features a generous imprintable area on the handle and blade edge. Screen Sweep even has an optional Velcro backing that conveniently attaches to monitors, putting it and your client's measure within fingertip reach all day long. The size is 3 7/8" X 2 3/8" with an imprintable area on the handle of 1" X 1 1/8" and on the blade the imprint area is 3 1/4" X 1 1/4". The Screen Sweep is available in 18 different colors. The minimum imprintable quantity is 200.

Computer Keyboard Brush

Our Computer Keyboard Brush has two types of brushes for your computer keyboard. The size is 1 1/1/2" X 6 1/2" and provides an imprint area of 1/2" X 1 1/2". The minimum imprintable quantity is only 50.

Pen/Mouse Holder

Our Pen/Mouse Holder includes tape to adhere to the side of monitor or you can just keep on the desk. The size is 2" X 4" X 2 1/2" is available in the Computer Beige color. Imprint area is 1 3/16" X 1 1/2" and the minimum imprintable quantity is 100.


Made of high impact plastic this Mini-Squeegee is great for cleaning your computer monitor. The size is 2" X 4 1/2" and is available in either white or blue. Imprint area is 1/2" X 1 1/4" on head or on the handle the imprint area is 1/4" X 1 1/2". Minimum imprintable quantity is 250.

Magic-Grip Computer Shape Jar Opener

This 5" Computer shape jar opener is available in a variety of colors and the minimum imprintable quantity is 250.

Monitor Calendar and Keyboard Calendar

Here are two computer attachments for you so that your calendar is always visible while you are at the monitor no matter what program you are using. The Monitor Calendar attaches to the top of the monitor and is 13" long X 1 5/8" wide X .015" thick. The Keyboard Calendar attaches to the area at the top of the keyboard. It measures 13" long X 1 1/4" wide X .015" thick. The minimum imprintable quantity on either of these great items is 1000.

Diskette Analog Computer Clock

This 3 1/2" X 3 1/2" Diskette Analog Clock is available in either blue or gray and provides an imprint area of 2 1/4" wide X 3/4" high. It runs on one AA battery. Minimum imprintable quantity is 50.

Round CD Holder

This round CD Holder holds 12 CD's and has padded felt lined removable sleeves. It has a sewn in elastic strap for sun visor mounting. Available in an assortment of colors. Minimum imprintable quantity is 25 units.

Terminal Relief

Here is a great way to relieve computer stress. This 2 1/8" X 2 1/8" X 2 7/8" Terminal Relief Computer Squeezeable is great for Hi-Tech tradeshow giveaways, secretarys, data entry people, programmers and anyone else that is involved with computers. Minimum imprintable quantity is only 50 and your imprint can appear in the 1 1/4" X 1 1/4" area.

Compu-Maid Computer Duster

The Compu-Maid Computer Duster features non-scratch bristles that removes dust from keyboards, screens amd electronic equipment. For use either at home or at the office. When your duster becomes dirty simply rinse under your faucet. The length of the duster is 11" long and the duster handle provides an imprint area of 5/8" X 2 3/4" and the minimum imprintable quantity is 100.

Computer Cube-Pad

This 3 3/4" X 5" X 5" Cube pad sits on a plastic base that looks like a comuter keyboard. You can imprint on four sides of the pad if you so desire. Minimum imprintable quantity is 500.

Data Sleeve, CD Glove and Audio Tape Holder

The Data Sleeve provides durable protection for diskettes in briefcase or on desk at home or at the office. With a large selection of colors available for color coding. Product colors are Red, White, Black, Blue, Gray or Orange. The CD Glove provides unique storage for either music or computer CD's and is available in colors of Red, Green, Blue or Orange. The Audio Tape Holder is available in colors of Red, Green, Blue and Neon Orange. Minimum imprintable quantity on any of these three items is 250.

Computer Terms Dictionary

This Webster's Computer Terms Dictionary has over 5000 computer terms that help clarify computer terminology. It features an illustrated guide containing exercises and preventative measures to relieve computer fatigue. 254 pages and it measures 3 3/8" X 5 1/2" and has an imprint area of 2 1/4" X 2 1/4". It is available in either a gray or whitebound cover. Minimum imprintable quantity is 100.

Computer Service Tool Kits

These are the perfect item for anyone in the computer technical or high-tech fields. Also useful in small businesses, educational instituitions and offices.. The kit on the left contains all the most needed tools for servicing other peripherals such as printers and other electronic equipment. The tools feature high impact plastic handles and chrome vanadium steel shafts. The kit has a 3/8" nut driver, 3/16" nut driver, 3 prong parts retriever, 4 3/4" tweezers, T-15 torx driver, IC extractor, 1/8" slotted screwdriver, 3/16" slotted screwdriver and plastics small parts tube with rubber caps.. The imprint area on the front of the case is 3" X 4". The minimum imprintable quantity is only 5. The picture on the right features two different kits. The one on the left has a 1/4" nut driver, 1/8" flast screwdriver, #0 Phillips screwdriver and tweezers in the 7" X 2" kit. The kit on the right features a bit driver handle, 1/8" flast screwdriver, #0 Phillips screwdriver, tweezers, and the following bits: #15 torx, 3/16" flast, #1Phillips, 1/4" socket adapter, 1/4" socket and 7/32" socket. The case is 7" X 3 1/2". Minimum imprintable quantity on both of these is also 5.

Wooden Diskette Crates

Wooden Diskette Crates are made of natural wood and are imprinted with ad copy on one end of the crate in any standard color. Each crate will hold up to 36 each 3 1/2" floppy disks. The minimum imprintable quantity is 50.


The New Mousepaper saves precious desktop space by working BOTH as a mousepad and as a note pad ! The Mousepaper has a uniques writing surface just like a mouse pad but you can also write notes in ink or pencil on it. Each Mousepaper has 30 Mousepapers on it. Imagine the imprint possibilities...any design, any number of colors. Each Mousepad has two glued edges, so it stays flat, and every pad has a rigid, non-slip back. The Mousepad measures 7 1/4" X 8 1/2" X 3/16" and the minimum imprintable quantity is 250.

Computer Shaped Tissue Dispenser

This computer shaped tissue dispenser can have your custom imprint. It's great for a trade show giveaway !.

Computer Key Tag

This Computer key tag measures 1 3/4" X 2 1/4" and provides an imprint area of 1 1/16" X 1 3/16". The minimum imprintable quantity is 200.

Wirebound CyberJournal and CyberBookmark

Both of these items are made from recycled Circuit Boards. The Wirebound CyberJournal is 5" X 8 1/4" and has a 50 page blank journal and is bound with two recycled circuit boards. The imprint goes on the front side. The CyberBookmark measures 6" X 1 3/4". Minimum imprintable quantity on the CyberJournal is 50 and on the CyberBookmark the minimum is 500.

CD Clock

This CD Clock is available in either a gold or silver finish. It measures 4 1/2" X 5" and provides an imprint area of 4 1/2" diameter. The minimum imprintable quantity is only 25.

Computer Rulers

These computer rulers have a clear area where you can align it up with your computer printout. It makes for a much easier way to read those cumbersome printouts. The Computer Rulers are avaialable either as a stock ruler or you can have a complete custom ruler made for your specific computer printout situation. Either of the rulers measures 1 1/2" X 15 1/3" X.020 and the minimum imprintable quantity is 1000.