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We have many types of custom embroidered socks and are presenting just a few of the choices below. Please note that 18 pair is the minimum without a custom imprint and that 36 pair is the minimum with a custom imprint. If you have an interest in imprintable socks you are invited to request our free 24 page catalog on sock please call us at 206 285-5359 or email:

New Pro Sock

This Pro sock is available in your choice of colors and features The Pro has double welt top with elastic to hold sock in place. Leg is 100% stretch nylon. It has an optional area for knit-in logo or team nams. It has a 3X1 ribbed ankle support. The full terry, 2-tone foot is 80% acrylic and 20% nylon. The heel and toe have a cushioned footwith white sole for the player's comfort. Also the socks have an elastic arch support for a better fit.

Tube Sock

On the left is the solid color soccer tube sock that is available in all sizes and colors. On the right is a picture of the colored fold over top heel and toe. These are available in all color combinations.

Three of our Best Selling Custom Imprinted Socks

The first two socks on the left is our over the calf tube or toe and heel with knit-in design. The middle sock is the crew length toe and heel while the two socks on the right are the crew length with 2 tone toe and heel. All three of these are available in three sizes of 5-9, 7-11 and 10-13. The minimum imprintable quanity is 3 dozen per style and size. Available by the pair after the first 3 dozen pairs.

Bumblebee Striped Socks

The Bumble striped soccer socks are available in contrasting color stripes and can be custom embroiderd with your logo or team name. Available in three basic sizes of 5-9, 7-11 and 10-13. Minimum imprintable quantity is 36 pair and colors available are black, grey, navy, royal, columbia blue, kelly green, orange, scarlet, gold, maroon, purple, white, dark green, teal, brown, cardinal and pink.Minimum imprintable quantity is 12 pair per size.

New Styles

The left picture socks have the foot od 80%acrylic and 20% nylon with the leg in 90% nylon and 10% elastic. These socks also have ankle and arch support for comfort and availablilty. Available in various colors.

Custom Made Stripe Sock and Logo Soccer socks.

The left picture has pictures of custom color combination stripes that can be madto your individual requirements. They are 80%acrylic and 20% nylon. The picture on the right shows amples of custom soccer socks.

Baseball Type Socks

On the left is the all in one Baseball sock. It is available in all colors and sizes. On the right picture is the same sock with a custom imprint.

Traditional Socks

The left picture shows the Traditional 2 in one sock and is available in all colors. The picture on the right pictures the Striped series with a 80% acryclic, 15% nylon and 5% elastic. The foot tube is 80% acryclic and 20% nylon. Also available in a variety of colors.

Over the Calf Customized Sock

Pictured below is the outdoor heavy wool sock that is over the calf with enforced toe and heel. Available in to sizes of 7-11 and 10-13. Available only in the colors pictured below and the minimum imprintable quantity is 3 dozen.

Anklet Socks

On the left we have the two tone toe and heel anklet, the next anklet sock with the heart is a tube sock, the middle sock is the anklet toe and heel sock. the second from the right is the fold over anklet sock with or without a stripe and on the far right we have the colored body anklet with 2 tone toe and heel. The sock on the far right is available in a variety of colors. All socks picture below are available in three sizes of 5-9, 7-11 and 10-13. Minimum quantity is 36 of any of the anklet choices.

Hockey Socks

Our Hockey Socks are done in 55% polyester, 45% acrylic and are available in youth sizes of 24" long, home or away, intermediate size of 28" long, home or away and the Adult 32" long, home or away. Minimum quantity is 12 and after the first dozen they are available by the pair.Minimum imprintable quantity is 12 pair per size and the Hockey Socks are available in a variety of colors.

Sock Colors

Picture below are the various choices of sock colors. Pictured below are sock colors of Yellow, Teal, Kelly Green, Black and Dark Green.

Below the colors from left to right are Purple, Royal Blue, Scarlet Red, Columbia Blue and Maroon.

From left to right Gray, Navy Blue, Orange, Brown and Gold.

Here we have Pink, Neon Yellow, Cardinal, Teal and Beige.