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Rain Gauges

Presented below are just a few of our various custom imprintable rain gauges. Have a question please call us at 800 960-9080 or email us at

Tractor shape Rain Gauge

Measuring 6 3/4" wide X 10 1/4" high the Tractor shape Rain Gauge has a large imprint area of 3" wide X 2 3/4" high. Available in Green, Red or White. Minimum imprintable quantity is 250.

Triangle Rain Gauge

The Triangle Rain Gauge is 14 3/4" high X 2" wide. It has an imprint area on the front top of 1 1/8" wide X 1" high and on the tapered portion of 1" wide X 5" high. Minimum quantity is 250.

Classic Jumbo Rain Gauge

Measuring 10 " high X 5 5/8" wide the Classic Jumbo Rain Gauge has an imprint area of 3" wide X 3 1/2" high. Minimum imprintable quantity is 250.

House Shaped Rain Gauge

The House Rain Gauge measures 6 3/4" wide X 10 3/4" high with an imprint area of 2 1/2" wide X 3 1/2" high. Minimum imprintable quantity is 250.

Magnifying Rain Gauge

Designed to magnify the numbers by morethan 35%. this rain gauge is very easy to read. Unit may be inserted into the ground or mounted to a post, deck or out building. Imprint area is 2 1/4" wide X 1 1/4" high. Minimum quantity is 100.

Aluminium Rain Gauge

Features a totaling wheel for registering accumulated rainfall up to 10". Rustproof aluminium holder with glass vial. Imprint area is 2 3/8" wide X 2 7/8" high. Minimum order is 100.

Rain Gauge with Accumulation Scale

The slide indicator records accumulated rainfall. Made of weather resistant styrene. Includes a glass via with easy to read numerals. Imprint area is 2 3.8" wide X 3 3/4" high. Minimum imprintable quantity is 100.

House shaped Rain Gauge

Measuring 5 3/4" X 5 3/8" X 1" the House shaped Rain Gauge has a 3" spike for sticking in the ground. Has key slots on back for mounting to various surfaces. Imprint area is 2 1/8" X 2 3/4". Minimum imprintable quantity is 150.

Rain Gauge with Outdoor Thermometer and 10 day memory

This is the complete set-up for recording both rain amounts and outdoor temperatures. It has an automatic self-emptying cup that measures and then eliminates rainfall. It has a wireless transmission range of up to 300 feet for the rain gauge and 100 feet for the thermometer. Displays daily, 9 day historical, and total rainfall records. Shows both in inches and millimeters for rainfall. Has a high daily rainfall alarm. Also displays indoor and outdoor temperatures. Runs on 2 AA batteries for the main and 2 AAA batteries for thesensor. Dimensions are 3 1/2" long X 1" deep X 5.6" high.

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