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Musical Items

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Professional quality 15 1/2" long maple drumsticks can be pad printed  or laser engraved.  Sold as a pair and packaged in a half paper sleeve.Less than $ 5.15 per pair in minimum imprintable quantity of 75 pair for pad printing or for laser engraved 75 pair is less than $ 8.90 per pair.   Imprint area is 1/4" high X 4" long.  The full color imprinted drumsticks in the right picture are less than $ 14 per pair in the minimum of 100 pair.

Ear Buds

Ear Buds are a great way to advertise your music festival or band. These comfortable  ear plugs come in a 1 1/2" X 3/8" X 3/4" plastic case for easy transportation. The case is small enough to fit just about anywhere and not take up much space. If you really want to make an impression on your clients have a personal message or better yet your business or company logo included as well. Get your name out there with this product!  The custom imprint area is 1/2" X 1/2". Less than a dollar each in the 500 quantity.

Piano Keyboard, Saxophone and Drum Stress Relievers

Here are three great items for that music conference promotional idea. These stress relievers are all soft and pliable and offer an ample area for your custom imprint. 

Piano stress reliever measures 3" X 3 3/4" X 1" - Hit all the right notes with this musical instrument shaped stress reliever! Relieve anxiety and have fun! Perfect for music conventions or as fundraiser gifts. Whether you're in the band or just a fan, everyone can appreciate this stress reliever. Promote your logo and message and your customers will recognize the sweet sound of your company's success! The custom imprint area is 1 1/4" in diameter.  Less than $ 2.50 each in the minimum of 150.

Saxophone stress reliever is 1 1/2" X 3 1/2" X 1/2"  - Custom imprint area is 1 1/2" diameter.  Less than $ 2.60 each in the minimum of 150.

Drum stress reliever is 2 1/2" X 2 1/4". Custom imprint area is 1 3/4" in diameter. Less than $ 2.00 each in the minimum of 150.


Music to the ears! Our 5" classic, wooden maracas are a fun and festive addition to any event. Customized with your organization's name and logo, it's the perfect way to promote a charity fundraiser, holiday party or community arts project. Turn up the volume and let your logo shine with an assortment of colors! Ideal for Cinco De Mayo celebrations, sport-themed parades or school programs. Imprint size: 5/8".  Less than $ 1.40 each in the minimum of 150.  Also available as a blank product.

  Our  assorted neon 5" plastic maracas, with a sleek black handle.  Available in red, blue, or assorted neon colors.  Less than $ 1.20 each in the minimum of 150.  Also available as a blank product.


Customized Kazoos

Keep your promotion humming with a unique musical premium that everyone will enjoy receiving. These kazoos are molded of unbreakable polypropylene plastic in bright colors, then hot-stamped with your logo or other copy. No need for instruction for this do-it-yourself instrument ---- just start the parade with your advertising message leading the way. Imprint area is 1 5/8" long X 1/2" high.  Less than $ 1.40 each in the minimum order of 250.

Guitar Shaped Fan

Let's rock out to the tune of another successful marketing campaign! Our stock 8" X 8" guitar shaped hand fan is made from 16-point coated board stock and is perfect for music stores, concert venues and outdoor events. Also features a basswood handle attached with adhesive on the back. Customize with an offset lithography imprint - no charge for exact PMS color matching. A simple and easy way to show your support while waving in future clients.  Less than $ .55 each in minimum of 250.

Music Theme Magnets

Acoustic Guitar Shape  5" X 2" Magnet - 25 Mil. Keep your message in front of your clients. Personalized with your services and contact information, a magnet is an effective marketing tool. Magnet keeps selling long after other products have been tossed away and forgotten. Magnet sticks to refrigerators, filing cabinets, appliances, vending machines, lockers and any other metal surface. 25 mil. thickness will hold paper, pictures and more.  Less than $ .70 each in the minimum of 250.

Musical Note 2 3/4" X 2 3/4" Magnet - Make sure your next campaign sticks with your customers. These permanent magnets are made of a flexible 30 mil and are designed to adhere to any magnetic surface. Use them on refrigerators, file cabinets, and metal desk drawers. Excellent for holding important memos or just as decorations. These magnets are ideal for promoting insurance companies, grocery chains, and service industries. Available in a wide variety of colors! Made in the USA.  Less than $ .50 each in the minimum of 250.


We have a wide selection of Harmonicas and are presenting several of the less expensive models below.

Translucent Harmonica is clearly colorful! The same great quality harmonica is now available in translucent colors. Each piece is individually packaged in a clear vinyl sleeve for your message to shine through.  Less than $ 2.60 each in the minimum of 75. 

The picture on the right is the 1  5/8" X 1/2" Mini harmonica with full scale sound! This petite harmonica is a genuine musical instrument - brass reeds with nickel plated covers, four holes, eight notes (one full octave) and comes packaged in a red box. The Mini is also available as keychain, necklace or zipper pull packaged in a clear vinyl sleeve. The custom imprint area is 7/8" X 1/4".  In the minimum imprintable quantity of 75 they are less than $ 2.70 each.

Music Theme Luggage Tags

Great items for band, orchestra, choir and other musical groups to use for traveling. Drum - Luggage/ ID tag. Clear travel sized tag. Fits on luggage or clip on clothing. add your logo or design for your customers to carry wherever they go.

 Heavy duty materials will last as long as the item you put it on. Customize your luggage tag for easier identification. Plastic loop/Keychain included  Plastic loop, strap clip or keychain included.  All luggage tags are less than $ 1.15 each in the minimum of 125. 

 All  Luggage tags include space on back for personal information.

Cord Keeper

A-"cord"-ing to popular opinion, nobody likes to deal with a tangled mess of wires. This exclusive cord keeper is designed to manage the cords of headphones and ear buds. Simply wrap the cord around the keeper for convenient storage and transportation. Ideal for promoting music stores and electronics companies. May be customized with your company name and logo or purchased without imprint. Measures 1 3/4" in dimension with a 1 1/4" imprint area.  Less thn $ 1.15 each in the minimum of 250.

Customized Wooden Train Whistles

Here is a whistle with an authenic four tone sound. Crafted from pine wood and made in the USA. It measures 8" long X 1 1/4" deep X 1 1/4" wide. It can be customized by either pad printing or laser engraving. The imprint area is about 4" X 1".  These train whistles are available with four blank sides or with a train illustration logo on one surface. You can customize one or more sides. Even though the imprint surface area is about 6" long by 1 1/4" deep our pad printer can only imprint an area of 4" long by 1" deep without any distortion.  Less than $ 6.90 each in the minimum of 75.


Our 8" Single row tambourines have a fiberglass shell rim and white Melinex plastic head for durability. They can be customized with pad printing in up to 4 colors on the white head. The head is 8" in diameter. Less than $ 8.60 each in the minimum of 75.

Guitar Keytag

This 1 1/8" X 2 5/8" guitar  soft vinyl keytag  is available in 17 different colors.   The custom imprint area is 1" X 2 1/2". Less than $ .90 each in the minimum of  250. 

Drumstick Pen

Full Color imprint Drumstick Pen made of Hickory - A great way to show off your logo or brand. Made in the USA.  Less than $ 7.00 each in the minimum of 25.

Guitar Picks

Professional quality customized guitar picks. Great for tradeshow giveaways, wedding favors or crowd tossing. Made in the USA.  Custom imprint area is 3/4" in diameter.  Less than $ .40 each in the minimum of 1000.

Piano Keyring

Start your marketing campaign off on a positive note with this 1 1/2" X 1 1/2" X 3/16" piano themed metal keyring! This black and silver key holder features shiny chrome trims with a lacquered black body finish. It lasers to silver and matches the trim perfectly. Each piano key tag is packaged in a two piece gift box for your convenience. A great promotional piece for music, the arts, and schools, have your company logo or message imprinted for a truly special gift! Custom imprint area is 1 1/4" X 3/8".  Less than $ 4.00 each in the minimum of 100.

Beat Bottle

Revolutionary new hydra bottle turns your Iphone into a mini boombox. Play your music and store your phone in your 20 oz. bottle. Give your music an extra "oomph" with Beat Bottle. Ideal for travel, gym, beach, car or work. Designed to fit iPhone 4 and 5. Silicone secures and protects your phone. 100% BPA and Phthalates free. Patent pending. Perfect gift for the person who has everything! Music on the go!  Gift box included. Custom imprint area of 1 3/4" X 3".  Less than $ 14.00 each in the minimum of 75.

Plastic Finger Snapping Castanets

Plastic snapping finger castanets. Once you get the hang of holding these clappers in your upturned palms and snapping them shut with your fingers, you'll have a hard time putting them down.  Available assorted colors are Hot Pink, Neon Green, Yellow and Purple.  The custom imprint area is 1" X 1 1/4".   Less than $ 2.90 each in the minimum custom imprintable quantity of 75.

Electric Guitar and Note Stress Relievers

The electric guitar-shaped  5 1/2" X 3"  X 1"stress reliever will have everyone rocking out at your next promotional event! Let this be the main event with your brand at any convention, store opening, or fundraising event! Whether you're in the band or just a fan, everyone can appreciate this stress reliever.  Custom imprint area is 1 3/4" in diameter.  Less than $ 2.85 each in the minimum of 150.

Musical Note Stress Reliever measures 3" X 4 3/4" X 3/4". The custom imprint area on the flag is 1" X 1/2".  Less than $ 2.00 each in the minimum of 150.


Here's a terrific way to "ring in" your promotional campaign! Make some noise and gather a crowd with this fun cowbell. Choose the Ring It in Cowbell for a fun favor during company celebrations. Add your logo to this 3" x 2 7/8" x 2 1/2" marketing tool for an excellent opportunity to promote your business. Great for picnics, parties and other occasions where these is fun to be had! Order today to hear the "sound" of a successful promotion.  Less than $ 1.25 each in the minimum of 200.

Jingle Sticks

Your message will be ringing in their ears! This bright sounding large stainless steel jingle bell with a real wooden handle is a perfect holiday item or a great new sound for a cheering crowd. Made in the USA, item is 5" long.  Less than $ 3.00 each in the minimum of 75.

Cork Handle Batons

Cork handle baton. Conduct your event like a pro with this cork handle baton. Hardwood baton dipped in white lacquer, features a tapered or pear shaped handle.  Sold as BLANKS ONLY.  In the minimum of 75 they are $ 6.10 each.

Sleigh Bells

Sleigh Bells. Whether for a holiday promotion or special event our sleigh bells are sure to get your message heard! Six bells are securely attached to the smooth wooden handle which makes it easy to shake and create your sleigh bell sounds. A light-weight version of the orchestral model.  The custom imprint area is 1 7/8" X 3/8".  Less than $ 7.60 each in the minimum of 75.

42" Inflatable Guitar

Our 42" inflatable Guitar is a stock item and is less than $ 1.50 each in the 288 quantity. We have other styles and color combination that are also available.

Drum Keychain

Keep your event upbeat with our latest musical product! This mini maple drumstick measures 4" long (4 1/2" with keyring).  Less than $ 2.40 each in the minimum imprintable quantity of 75.

Guitar Shape Fly Swatter

Rock your competition with our guitar-shaped swatter. Measuring 13 9/16" x 5/16" x 5 1/8", this handy tool is sure to keep the pests at bay. Customize with your choice of color, as well as your hot stamp imprint along the handle and hand out to clients and employees and let them know that you are there to lend them a hand when in need. Useful for the house or during outdoor events such as picnics and camping trips. Made in USA. Custom imprint area is 4 3/4" X 3/8".  Less than $ 1.60 each in the minimum of 250.  Available in White, Black, Blue, Orange, Red and Yellow.

Egg Shaker

This Egg-Shaped rhythm instrument fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, yet packs a big maraca-like shaker sound. Egg measures 5" around and 2" high. Custom imprint area is 1" X 1".  Less than $ 2.30 each in the minimum of 75.

Mini Harmonicas on a Keyring

A must have for any music fan or musician. Each harmonica plays a diatonic octave in the key of "C" and comes packaged in a clear vinyl sleeve.  Less than $ 2.70 each in the minimum of 75.

Tone Drum

Tone drums can bsreak the ice at your meeting or event! This tone drum has a warm and appealing tone that will have everyone participating and give them something to remember. Three separate imprint areas on the drum head can be pad printed with one color. 6 1/2" inch diameter and 4 3/4" H, includes rubber mallet.  Less than $ 25 each in the minimum of 75


Ukulele. Get the real tropical sound with this Nato Ukulele in light walnut satin finish. Three large imprint areas. Ukulele specs: Scale length: 14", Width at nut: 1 3/8", Nato Wood Top/Back/Sides/Fretboard: 12 frets, Machines: chrome/ivoroid geared, Bindings: white.  Less than $ 70 each in the minimum custom imprintable of 10.

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