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Over the many years that we have been selling decals we have had the opportunity to help our customers with various sizes and types of decals that eventually ended up on helicopters, scuba tanks, police cars and many other unusual places. We can do outside application, inside application, static cling and just about any size or type that you may desire. We have pictured below just a few of the types that we can do for you. For more information and a 84 page catalog on decals, email us at or or call us at 800 960-9080 or 206 285-5359 (Seattle) for further information.

Custom Decals

On custom decals the cost is determined by the amount of square inches of the decal, the quantity, shape and the amount of colors on the decal. Pictured below are several custom decals of various sizes.

Decal Post Cards

Decal post cards are post cards that can be sent thru the mail just like a post card. The decal can be taken off by the receiver of the card. For example some common cards are those that have valuable information such as Poison Control, Emergency phones and other pertinent info that one wishes to keep. More than one decal can be put on the postcard as it is actually part of the postcard itself until it is peeled off. Minimum imprintable quantity is 250.

Bumper Stickers

We have several sizes of bumper stickers with our 3" X 11 1/2" size being the most popular. Minimum imprintable quantity is 125.


We do all types of labels and below in the picture we are featuring special occasion roll labels.

Standard Screen Printing Colors

We have pictured below a standard screen printing color chart for our various decals However in many cases we can match your deisred color if you have the Pantone Matching System color.