Did you know that we can do custom shaped CD's with your custom imprint and information on the CD ? The CD works on either PC or MAC, holds lots of data or music and can be custom created or can be done with a stock business introduction format. The minimum order is for only 250 CD's. They can be custom cut into any balanced shape. The CD's are playable in standard tray type or spindle type CD ROM drives. Not playable in a motor vehicle dashboard, stacker or jukebox type CD player

The CD on the left is a custom cut CD in the shape of Australia while the two CD's on the right are also custom shaped CD's.

Pictured below are two of the mini CD's. The round CD holds up to 160 MEG and the rectangle shaped CD holds up to 40 MEG.

Custom shaped CD's have endless possibilities as a promotional tool. Consider them for catalogs, sales training, new move-ins, publuc safety programs, commumity awareness, music demos, invitations, annual reports, facility tours, new product launch, special events. grand openings, anniversaries, promotions. company profiles, direct mail campaigns, sporting events, customer service, direct sales, collectibles. You are only limited by your imiganation !

For pricing and artwork information you are invited to call us at 206 285-5359 or email: