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Caps & Hats

We can offer you many types of caps and hats such as the standard baseball type and golf caps however we also have many novelty types of caps that can be imprinted also.We have included below just a few of our vast selection of both the caps and hats for your consideration. The minimums on many of the caps and hats are based on how many are in a case as case lots can not be broken on the smaller quantities.Need a hat catalog ? Give us a call at800 960-9080 or 206 285-5359 or email:

Animal Caps

Pictured from left to right we first the Tiger Cap with a minimum quantity with-out an imprint of one dozen, in the middle the Giraffe Cap has a minimum of one dozen and on the far right we have the Elephant Cap also with a minimum quantity of one dozen.

Pictured below from left to right are the Killer Whale, Dolphin, Toucan and the Parrot cap all with a minimum quantity of only one dozen.

Kool Kat Hat and the Smile Face Kool Kat

The Kool Kat Hats come in a variety of colors and the Smile Face Kool Kat is available as shown. Minimum on any of these is 12 dozen.

Jughead, Ladybug, Bee and 6-Point Jester Hats

The Jughead cap minimum is 2 dozen, Ladybug minimum is 2 dozen, the Bee Hat minimum minimum is 2 dozen and the 6-Point Jester hat with bells minimum is 2 dozen also.

Parrot Hat and Rooster Hat

The minimum quantity on the Felt Parrot Hat is 2 dozen and the minimum quantity on the Felt Rooser Hat is one dozen

Apple Hat and Fish Hat

Minimum order on the Apple Hat is 1 dozen and the minimum order on the Fish Hat is 2 dozen.

Theme and Novelty Hats

Here is a good selection of hats that are sure to dazzle the recipients. If you have a theme let us know and we can usually find one that will fit your needs. Pictured below from left to right are the Better Felt Propellor Beanie (minimum imprintable quantity 50) with colors of blue, green, red and yellow available, the Wool Beret available in Black, Red or Green, the Propellor Beanie (minimum imprintable quantity is 500) available in colors in assorted colors, and the Multicolor Propellor Cap (minimum imprintable is 72) and the colors are as pictured.

Pictures below illustrate the Kool Kat which comes in assorted colors (minimum imprintable quantity is 144), the Mad Hatter which is available in Red, Blue, Black and Green (minimum imprintable quantity is 72), the Jughead Hat with the colors pictured as shown (minimum imprintable quantity is 72) and still another version of the Jughead with Bells aslo pictured with the available colors (minimum imprintable quantity is 72)

Below we have another version of the Kool Kat which comes in assorted colors (minimum imprintable quantity is 72), the Elf Hat (minimum imprintable quantity is 72), the Centurion Hat with Bell (minimum imprintable quantity is 72) and the Court Jester with Bells (minimum imprintable quantity is 72).

Illustrated below are the Wondeland Hat which is reversible (minimum imprintable quantity 72), the Jester Hat (minimum imprintable quantity is 72), the Deluxe Jester (minimum imprintable quantity 72) and the Viking Helmet (minimum imprintable quantity is 72).

Stars & Stripes Hats

Here are both a 5 panel and 6 panel Stars & Stripes hat of cotton twill and a plastic snap back. These hats really look great with a custom imprint !!!

Melton Wool Hat with a plaid bill

Our beautiful low profile fused buckram heavyweight melton hat has a wool crown and a choice of plaid bills. Each cap has a brass buckle with eyelet insert. The caps are available in colors of dark green, charcoal, carmel, maroon and navy.

Heavy Brushed Cotton Hat

The heavy brushed cotton hat has a low profile, unconstructed front, self cloth backstrap with snap buckle and is available in solid colors of black, navy, white and khaki. Two-color combination hats are available in navy bill/khaki crown, dark green bill/khaki crown, black bill/khaki crown, black bill/hazelnut crown and dark green bill/cardinal crown.

Denim Hats

Pictured below are the suede bill/denim hat and the solid denim hat. These are low profile hats with a relaxed fit and are Heavyweight Washed Denim. Has a self cloth backstrap.

Paper Hats

We have many stock theme paper hats that are great for an inexpensive giveaways. . Pictured below are just three of them. On the left is the Robin Hood with a 2 1/2" X 5" imprint area. The middle two Viking Hats both provide an oval imprint area of 2 1/2". The Colonial Tri Corner hat has an imprint area of 1 1/2" X 4" and the Patriot Hat has an imprint area of 1" X 6". Minimum imprintable quantity on these inexpensive hats is 1000.